Declaration Of Indepenence Of Bangladesh

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Declaration Of Independence Of Bangladesh

“I, Major, Privional Commander-in-chief of Bangladesh Liberation Army, On behalf of our great national kader, the supreme commander of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman do hereby proclaim the independence of Bangladesh.

I also declare, We have already framed a sovereign,legal government under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman which pledges to function as per law and the constitution. The new democratic government is committed to a policy of non-alignment in international relations. It will seek friendship with all nations and strive for international peace. I appeal to all government to mobilize public opinion in their respective countries against the brutal genocide in Bangladesh.

The government under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is sovereign legal Government of Bangladesh and is entitled to recognition from all democratic nation of the world.

[ Information Source : Documents Of Bangladesh Liberation War,3rd Part,Page-01 ]
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