Developing Eight (D-8)

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Developing Eight (D-8)

Developing Eight consists of eight developing countries around the world. It is a organization for economical co-operation. The essential objectives of starting this organization, to ensure entire development of eight countries. Since developing eight has made up Asian and African Muslim so developing eight plays vital role to build up and maintain well relationship between Asian and African Muslim.
Developing Eight Objectives
 v  Pay attention and emphasize on economical development of its member countries.
 v  To ensure peace instead of confliction of its permanent member.
 v  Create a positive mind for co-operating its member countries.
 v  Avoid negatives like confliction, exploitation, oppression.  
 v  Build up a good relationship between Asian and African Muslim.
 v  Establish democracy system and ensure all member’s participation.
 v  Set up a unbreakable commitment to help one another in any problems.
Developing Eight Member

Developing Eight Summit And Establish
Economical co-operation organization developing eight(D-8) was formed 1996  containing Asian and African eight Muslim countries. D-8 headquarter at Istanbul in Turkey. Its first summit was also held in Istanbul, Turkey. Developing eight present secretariat general is Seyed Ali Mohammad Mousavi.

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