What Is Participle ?

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Participle are two types in number.Lets see them.
01.Present participle
02.Past participle.

Present participle
In according to present participle "ing" have to add with main verb.generally, its work like adjective /adverb.
A barking dog seldom bites.
I saw a man walking alone the road.
The flying bird looks mice.
The baby came to me crying.

Past participle
On the other hand in according to past participle works like adjective and express like meaning of verb.
The broken window needs repairing.
The tv bought from Trade fair is out of order now.

Use As Adjective 
Present participle and past participle can work as adjective by sitting prior to noun.The participle which is used as adjective if other word remain with its then we will use it after previous word.
The girl sitting in the corner is my sister.
Firewood burnt for cooking is causing harm to our agriculture.
I found him sitting on the grass.
The boy standing there is my brother.
The man walking alone the street is a farmer.
The bird flying in the sky is a song bird.

Use As Adverb
Sometimes present participle used as adverb.it express how the work being.Lets see.
The baby came tp me laughing.
The girl went away crying.
She ran screaming out of the room.

Used as absolute clause
Sometimes participle may be used as absolute clause.Lets see example.
Having lost my money i went home.
Closing the door,i went back to work.
She went out,slamming the door.

Present participle
It express the work has been done before completing the another work.Please read out below examples.
Having slept for twelve hours, i felt marvelous.
The sun having set,we reached home.

Having completed MA in English, je flew to America

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