Subject Verb Agreement : Part I

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Subject Verb Agreement : Part I

Special Rule Number One
Anybody,Anyone,Anything,No one,Nobody,Nothing,Someone,Somebody,Something,Everybody,Everyone,Everything etc after these words use singular verb.Lets see some examples below.

Incorrect : Anybody are going to suffer for sin.
Correct : Anybody is going to suffer for sin.
Incorrect : Anyone break this stick easily.
Correct : Anyone breaks this stick easily.
Incorrect : Someone go there today.
Correct : Someone goes there today.

Special Rule Number Two
Many a,One,Each,Either,Neither,Every these words always follow singular verb.Its clear that if any sentence starts with any mentions words,then must use singular verb.

Incorrect : Many a man are present there.
Correct : Many a man is present there.
Incorrect : Every girl are working here.
Correct : Every girl is working here.
Incorrect : Each boy were playing in the field.
Correct : Each boy was playing in the field.

Special Rule Number Three
Now follow a short magic.I show a easy method and really its so easy if you pay proper attention.So Lets Start here.
Not only____But also
If any sentences starts contains these word,then follow a technique. Firslty forget first word like (not,either,neither,not only) and pay emphasize on last word like (but,or,nor,but also).Final speech,You have to use verb according to the last word’s subject.

Incorrect : Not i but he go to play here.
Correct : Not i but he goes to play here.
Incorrect : Either you or she have done the work.
Correct : Either you or she has done the work.
Incorrect : Neither i nor rahim play footbal today.
Correct : Neither i nor rahim plays footbal today.

Special Rule Number Four
Now i show some phrase or pair words and after see these you think that plural verb may be suitable.But if you really do it,you will wrong.So lets see these pair word.
Flock of birds
School of fish
Herd of cattle
Pride of lion
Brunches of flowers
After these pair word ,you have to use singular verb.For clearifying concept,we view some examples below.Lets starts viewing!

Incorrect : The pride of lions are going though the forest.
Correct : The pride of lions is going though the forest.
Incorrect : The brunches of flowers are avilable in the garden.
Correct : The brunches of flowers is avilable in the garden.
Incorrect : The school of fishs swim surface of the water.
Correct : The school of fishs swims surface of the water.

No More Today!
Next Part Will Be Published Soon.
Thank You.

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